NEWS (Updated January 25, 2017)

Hello Gardening Friends—

The 2017 Fertile Valley Seeds Catalog is now up on the website, and we are open for orders. (Go to the Fertile Valley Seeds page on the website and browse or download the pdf file of the catalog.)

Goldini Zucchini, a new class of squash: This year I'm especially excited to be releasing Goldini Zucchini, a summer squash, drying squash, and cucumber-squash. "Cucumber-squash" is the name I'm giving to a new class of squash, a squash with such a delicious flavor and crunchy texture when raw that it can be grown just for raw use alone-for use in salads and sandwiches, or to make pickles and relishes. (Goldini doesn't taste like a cuke; it has its own delicious distinctive flavor which I consider much better than that of a cuke. It is crunchier than a cuke, too.) Goldini Zucchini was actually bred for its spectacular flavor as a cooked summer squash and as a drying squash, for being prime in flavor at sizes up to 2 lbs, and for outrageously fast germination and growth in organic systems. The great flavor and texture raw was a happy accident. In addition to home use, Goldini has the potential to replace cucumbers in pickles and relishes and has the possibility of several other new commercial uses. For more information, see the variety description.

New Variety Introductions for 2017: Goldini Zucchini summer, drying, and cucumber-squash, Homestead Rainbow Grex winter squash (an F3 of Sweet Meat-Oregon Homestead X Sunshine Hybrid), Bigger Better Butternut winter squash, Beef-Bush Brown Resilient dry bean, and Landmark Flint (an F2 of Cascade Ruby-Gold X Longfellow Flint, the ideal cross from which to select to develop your own full-season multicolored flint corn).

New Listings for 2017: Sweet Genovese basil, Dakota Black Pop popcorn, Dazzling Blue Lacinato kale, Blushed Butter Cos lettuce, Hyper Red Rumple Waved lettuce, Minnesota Midget muskmelon, Sweet Dakota Rose watermelon, Dakota Tears yellow storage onion, Aurora orach, Gales Meadow Romani pepper (a dehybridization of Gypsie F1), Matchbox pepper (an op equivalent of Super Chili F1), Kakai Hulless-Seeded pumpkin (with seeds much tastier than those from Styrian or Lady Godiva), Prismatic Rainbow Swiss chard, and these tomatoes: Cherokee Green, Cherokee Purple, Glacier, Gobstopper cherry, Perfect Rogue (an op substitute for Early Girl hybrid), Pink Berkeley Tie-Died, tomato, and Santiam Sunrise cherry.

OSSI-Pledged Varieties: Fertile Valley Seeds now carries 50 OSSI-Pledged varieties, one of the largest listings for these varieties. See page 2 of the seed catalog.

Donations this year will be especially appreciated.
Breeding open source or public domain, open-pollinated vegetables is more of a public service than an economic activity. Fertile Valley Seeds has grown to an impossible size. It is too large for me to handle without hiring serious help. But it's too small for me to hire help and still make a profit. In order to survive, the company needs to be bigger. I need a full time employee during the seed processing and ordering season as well part time assistance during the growing season. It is also time for FVS to graduate to an e-commerce enabled website. Do you like the work I've been doing? Can you help? If so, please send your donation to Carol Deppe, 7263 NW Valley View Dr., Corvallis OR 97330. (Or send your donation along with your order.)

Open Source Seed Initiative. This is where the fight to take back our seeds is happening. (See the write-up starting on page 2 of my seed catalog.) I continue to be heavily involved in OSSI. All the varieties I've bred myself are OSSI-Pledged, Fertile Valley Seeds is an OSSI Seed Company Partner, and most of my new 2017 listings are OSSI-Pledged varieties. In addition, I continue to serve on the OSSI Board of Directors and as chair of the OSSI Variety Review Committee. I also edit the new OSSI on-line quarterly magazine Free the Seed, which published its first issue last November with articles by myself, Jack Kloppenburg, CR Lawn (founder of Fedco), and Claire Luby. For more information about OSSI or to sign up for the free on-line magazine, visit

If you have bred any new varieties you would like to protect by OSSI-Pledging, check out the OSSI website,, then email me about your varieties at carol.deppe at (This address is for OSSI business only.) (For seed company business or other business use ResilientGardener at

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To Contact me, use ResilientGardener at I don't have enough time to respond to every email. But I enjoy hearing from people, and respond when I can.